24 hours in Dublin

I went to Dublin at the beginning of January to visit my dear friend, Tomás. He works as a cabin crew for a flight company, so it’s rare to catch him on land. Luckily, I booked a few days off from work just in time, so I jumped in a plane and took off to Ireland.

I didn’t go there as a tourist really, but just to spend a few days with my friend. When in Dublin tho, you can’t miss one of the seven. (The Trinity College). After a few good hours of learning with our eyes about one of the oldest universities in the world, and literally inhaling all the culture from the Old Library,  we finally decided to leave the Celtic Heaven.

Next, we went to a place called “Books Upstairs” (Dublin’s oldest independent bookstore) which I highly recommend (the owner’s sense of humour is delicious, the place is very well organised and the prices are amazing). I left there with the complete collection of lyrics by Nick Cave and “Sapiens” by Yuval Noah Harari.

After a quick meal and drink at the Pub (The Old Mill I think it was called), we managed to identify the ugliest dress in Debenhams (I don’t have a photo unfortunately, but you can take my word for it).

Spent the rest of the night walking, revisiting the bridges I saw during the day, and taking photos in the mist. 9/10, and would come back! Also, it was very fun playing Bridget Von Hammersmark for this instant photoshoot 🙂

2018-01-11 16.30.45

When your best friend is a photographer 🙂



50 points for Slytherin ! (O’Connell Bridge)


Bridget Von Hammersmark in action ! (Ha’penny Bridge)

2018-01-11 19.50.24

2018-01-11 19.49.sds01

(all the photographs featured in this article were taken by Tomás Amaro)

Sooo, when are you going to Dublin? And if you’ve been there already, what did you visit?


Wool coat (custom made) 

Wool skirt (Burberry)

Wool beret (TopShop)

Turtleneck bodysuit (Zara)

Suede shoes (Dune London)

Before I go, just a little Trivia about the Trinity College:

  • founded in 1592, it is the oldest University in Ireland, and one of the Seven.
  • it has it’s own trademark colour called TRINITY PINK (a very light and soothing shade of pink)  – Can you imagine the lawyers and the doctors wearing pink in the 19th century? I think it’s amazing.
  • it’s the permanent residence of the Book of Kells, an illuminated Gospel manuscript, believed to have been written between the 6th and the 8th century in latina vulgata. (common latin) – one of Medieval Europe’s greatest treasure.
  • my favourite part, the Old Library, smells like heaven. (considered to be one of the most impressive libraries in the world – built in the 18th century, house of over 200,000 books)




Lou Lou’s Gold

Hi there ladies and dandies,

Last Sunday, I attended Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair in Cardiff, and I’m back with some impressions, suggestions, prices, and a few examples of what you can find there.

As I said in a previous article, Lou Lou’s is completely different than your ordinary vintage fair. They don’t use the kilo system, it’s massive, and there are traders from all over the UK. You can actually register as a trader on their site, which I think is really cool. The diversity of products is amazing; you can find everything from stamps and vinyls – to accessories and vintage Burberry trench-coats. It’s worth mentioning that you’re not going to find only vintage items, but there are also little shops that sell new products.

The atmosphere was created by the girls from “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” singing in the background, while shoppers were roaming frantically. The light inside didn’t really help my photography, and because it was a very rainy day, the light coming from the windows was no good. Still, I’m happy I had the opportunity to get into the City Hall building, it is majestic. My first experience at Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair, in a sentence, would be – stylish people, old and new, treasure hunt, rainy day, delicious food and a desire to come back.

I didn’t have time to pamper myself with a retro hairstyle at the Lou Lou’s salon, but I took a short break for some exquisite carrot cake, and coffee served in vintage coffee cups you can probably find in your nan’s kitchen. (I always felt that anything tastes better in those cups). Overall, it was a nice experience, I’m satisfied with what I found, and I’m happy to come back to Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair.

For photographs of the event, click here!

I went there hoping to recreate one of Grace Kelly’s outfits from “Real Window”, but I couldn’t find anything similar. In all fairness, I picked the hardest task ever.

  • As you can see, I was a in a bit of a pink fever. I found a 50’s style top which I intend to wear with a pair of high waist skinny Levi’s. As for the dress, I was inspired by Emma Stone’s pink dress in Lala Land – I am pretty happy with this choice (both items purchased from Dogs & Daisies Vintage). Total = £20

  • This pair of shoes is the actual gold I found at Lou Lou’s. They’re real vintage shoes, from an 80’s Salvatore Ferragamo crocodile skin collection. In my defence, before you judge me for wearing crocs on my feet (pun intended), I want you to know that I had  no idea what I was purchasing. I only knew the designer, and that I was stunned by their excellent condition. I am sure that Marilyn Monroe didn’t feel bad wearing Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, and I don’t regret anything – they’re the comfiest shoes I’ve ever had, and they’re designed after the unique pattern of Ferragamo. Total = £6

Click on the picture for better resolution

  • Blue is the warmest colour, or not, but it’s definitely one of my favourite colours. I bought this bright blue retro top from the Goldbrush Vintage Clothing. I think it’s 60’s inspired, but I recall seeing it a lot in the 80’s style as well. The trader was really nice, and gave us an offer we couldn’t refuse – the dark blue and dark grey summer shirts for £15. I have no idea what kind of prints I’m dealing with,  I can only see cave man drawings. Total = £23

  • A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do – especially when it comes to jewellery. I have never found a pearl necklace that looks so authentic, and this one was made in the 50’s. Its condition is impeccable, and I already have a ton of ideas for it. (since we’re in the age of the “choker”, I’m going to wear this royally).
  • The brooch pin is from the 60s and it’s gold plated. (it actually has this engraved on the back, but it’s too small to photograph – I need a macro lens). I got it for almost nothing, considering what it’s worth, and it makes me think of the Elven jewellery from Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings. Total = £25

Click on the picture for better resolution

  • Finally, I had to feed the geek in me, and so I purchased these vintage pins. The airplane is from the Soviet Union time, and it has CCCP written on it – which is basically USSR in the cyrillic alphabet.
  • The little flower pin reminds of the Edelweiss, which is the national flower of Romania – so rare that is protected by law.
  • As for the triangle, I have no idea what’s portrayed in there, I think it’s written in Arabic. The reason I got it is because of the picture you see on it, it’s actually painted, which I find amazing.
  • The Wallace and Gromit one doesn’t need any explanation; I actually got it for Rowan, who’s a big childhood fan. Total = £4

Click on the picture for better resolution

  • If you know me personally, then you know that my all-time favourite movie is “Empire Strikes Back”. 2 weeks ago I met Darth Vader – Dave Prowse, and when I found this “Look-In” magazine from 1980, I couldn’t say no. It has an exclusive interview with Dave + you can also see Mork & Mindy on the cover, which is the first gig ever for Robin Williams, which we all adore.
  • I have been a postcard collector for 3 years now, thanks to my friend Tomas Amaro, who is always sending me one from every one of his travels. So, when I bumped into a vintage postcard collection at Lou Lou’s, I was in heaven. I don’t know the artists unfortunately. Total = £4

Click on the picture for better resolution

Thank you for stopping by, and hope to see you again!

Jane Birkin Love


I’m happy to be back with a new iconic look I put together for you + a lil bit extra. As you well know, my main target for the last vintage fair I attended, was to recreate Jane Birkin’s hippie look – the London babe turned Parisian in the 60s, which I was totally obsessed with in my teenage years.

She’s an endless source of inspiration, the perfect example of effortless look and class, and also the inspiration for the famous Hermès Birkin bag – which I will probably afford in another life. 🙂

Last weekend I went to West Wales, and took advantage of the sunny days and all the green around me. One lazy Sunday afternoon, I realised I have some of the clothes I purchased at the Vintage Weigh & Pay, and decided to do a small photoshoot at the country side. Hope you enjoy the final results!

Jane Birkinmih-jeans-made-in-heaven-designer-jeans-british-premium-denim-jane-birkin-birkin-shirt-style-icon

I am wearing a pair of Levi’s shorts and a no-name country pearl white blouse, both purchased at the #vintageweighandpay

ww3-001IMG_4700 copy final

Thanks for stopping by – hope you enjoyed my little article!