Vintage Kilo Sale – Review

Hi there ladies and gents!

As promised, I’m back with an experience to share about my first Vintage Kilo Event. First of all, I would like to say that they gained a regular costumer in me. The atmosphere was chill, nice music in the background, friendly stuff, vintage passionates and natural light – coming from the huge windows of the Portland House building, which, in my opinion, was a wonderful choice. The stocks were replenished constantly, which made me stay until the end of the event. I actually saw this as a treasure hunt, and I’m really excited to come back. (I think the next one is in May, but I will keep you posted anyway)

I am amazed by how many things Rowan and I got 3 kilos, plus some other individual items. It may cause addiction, because we left there wanting some more. If you’re curious about what you can get in a kilo, I suggest you have a look on their FB page or follow their Insta, because they always post outfits they create with their items. (plus, you learn a thing or two about vintage, which is always a plus).

My main target was to find vintage designer clothes and recreate iconic looks. My inspiration were Audrey Hepurn and Edie Sedwick, and I managed to do a bit of both. I recreated this Audrey Hepburn photograph, using a Ralph Lauren Oxford Shirt I found at the Vintage Kilo Sale. It’s around £100 new, and because it was part of a kilo, it probably cost me a fiver.


The first thing I found was a DVF wool sweater from last year’s collection. It was almost £200 new, and because it was part of a kilo, I payed maybe £5 for it. That’s what I call a bargain! Then, I found the polka dot GAP sweater below, which was £50 new, and a Ralph Lauren white hoodie from their Activewear collection (£100 on their site).

It’s worth mentioning that there was also an individual items room, where they sell reconditioned designer clothes and Converse shoes. Not sure if it’s part of the Vintage Kilo Sale Fair or independent traders. The prices start at £10 and go up to £40, but not everything is worth the price actually. Some of the stuff I wanted to buy, had stains or they just didn’t look that good. My advice would be to do a close inspection, no matter what you buy.

Still, I got 2 individual items in a wonderful condition, really well preserved – a Ralph Lauren sleeveless long shirt (£20), which I’m planning on wearing with a pair of Converse + and chavy a Ralph Lauren Polo T-shirt for Rowan (£15).

Click here for photographs from the event.

Shopping List:

  • DVF wool sweater + Ralph Lauren hoodie + GAP sweater = 1 kilo
  • A no name lumberjack wool shirt + a Fred Perry grunge style warm jacket = 1 kilo
  • The Ralph Lauren Oxford Shirt I wear in the Audrey photo + no name a pink glittery short party dress + a few silky scarfs = 1 kilo
  • Ralph Lauren sleeveless cardigan + Ralph Lauren Polo male shirt = £35

Total spent: £80

Total saved: more than £500

If you’re not convinced yet, go have a look for youself!

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