“All Adventurous Women Do”

So, what was the last episode really about? I keep telling myself that it has a level of depth that I can’t reach as a 27 year old woman, and that I will get it in time, but I’m not sure there is more to it than the obvious. [Spoilers ahead]

Long story short, the episode takes you back to the pilot, with a scene where Marnie is spooning Hannah. She promises to help Hannah in raising this child, and moves in with her. Everything that happens after is a love story – the immortal love story between Hannah and Marnie, intimacy and the motherly love that changes everything.

sourceOne of the 1st things we learn about Hannah in “Girls”, is that she’s not comfortable in her own skin, and the postpartum made her feel even worse. (btw, I think she did a good job in showing what the birth of a child does to your mind and body – the scene with her wearing the breast pump is absolutely hilarious)

For someone like Hannah Horvath, self-centred and forever spoiled by her parents and friends, this is the perfect time to burst with post pregnancy hormones and act like a spoiled brat. As always, she constantly blames others for her failure, treats Marnie like shit and has a major outburst at her mother. However, Loreen is incredibly calm and patient, and constantly demonstrates that a parent’s job is never over, and Marnie is more supportive than ever. No matter how much they’re doing to show Hannah that she’s not alone in this, her awakening comes from an incident she has on the streets with a runaway child. I believe that’s the moment when she realises, that by having this baby, she made her first real decision for life.

She may not be a good mom, but she’s going to constantly try to be the best she can possibly be for her kid. In the last minute of the finale, she manages to comfort her offspring and breastfeeds with a look on her face that suggest that she’s finally starting to figure it out, and more important, she’s starting to accept her life. There are a million ways to make it.


I got the idea of the finale – but It didn’t do anything for me really. What started with topics like abortion, body image, mental issues and homosexuality, ended with breast feeding, and Hannah being walked home by the police in her underwear to her new-born child. Classic.

Overall, it was a good episode, but a very weak finale.

I was expecting to see all the “Girls” in the finale. Maybe not walking in the sunset together, but at least a continuity, something, anything. After all the drama, life changing decisions, and the “I’m gonna make it this time” speeches, at least they could’ve given me, as a viewer, a feeling. Whatever the feeling, contempt, anger, controversy, I would’ve been happy no matter what. Instead, their absence suggested that these relationships are over.

giphy (2)

They give Ray a happy ending. Shoshanna is engaged, Marnie is a mess like always, latching on to Hannah for some purpose in life, and it seems like the only ones who have actually made it in New York are Adam and Elijah. I really think that Jessa deserved a happy ending too, and I admit that the moment when her and Hannah had that natural talk in the previous episode made me tear up.


As a writer, Lena is still one of my favourite gals, but it seemed that she tried too hard to reach the topics that were in “trend”, and the last season proves that. If the trends for the women of “Sex and the City” were Manolo Blahnik shoes and parties to go to in New York, then for “Girls”, these trends were addressing issues like sexually transmitted diseases, accidental dick pics, or even deeper ones, like the fear of abandonment and addiction. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated the effort they’ve put into addressing all these “millennial” topics, because it’s my generation after all, but I think a lot of the time, the writing was inconsistent.

Episode 6  -“What will we do about Adam this time” sent me straight to “Lala land”, and I adored it. Jemima’s bathroom scene was one of the best interpretations I’ve seen in “Girls”, and I just loved the “what could have been vibe”, but I can see how irrelevant it was for the characters. That was an episode made for the viewers, the millions of people who watched Hannah’s and Adam’s love story and just wanted closure. They gave us that, and in a way, by doing so, it makes me feel like the show should’ve been called “Love story” instead of “Girls”, because they didn’t bother to do that for Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna.

source (1)

I see the finale for what it is, however, I remain indifferent. This is not because it isn’t the ending I wanted, but because it isn’t the ending they deserved. I mean, you spend so many years creating these complex characters, just to be vague about their continuity. I get that this is supposed to be the real life and I can appreciate an open ending, but you just don’t do that to your viewers. I don’t want to imagine what’s going to happen with the girls, if I would’ve wanted that, I would’ve written it myself.  It’s almost like JK Rowling would’ve ended the last Harry Potter book with “The boy who lived may have defeated Voldemort, but I just can’t decide”.

This is an episode that makes me think of a matriarchal society, and puts into perspective the old and the new, the bad and the ugly and how at the end of the day, a girl is constantly learning.

So, instead of feeling any type of disappointment, I choose to see this episode for what it is, an ode for those who decided to keep the baby.


To sleep or not to sleep

Hi there my fellow insomniacs,

Today I attended a sleep workshop at the Central Library in Cardiff, organised by the National Centre for Mental Health. The reason for this was my bad sleep pattern, which I have been trying to change for ages, but can’t seem to succeed. I’m somewhat frustrated by the eternal dark circles around my eyes and the absence of vitamin D that comes with the territory, but I’m keeping my mood up and trying not to let the “mean reds” get me.

With the help of Katie Lewis, a researcher from the National Centre for Mental Health, and the main speaker of the event, I have learned and reinforced a lot of important tricks, which I’m now going to share with you:

  1. Try to eat every day at the same hours, and definitely no food for 4 hours before going to bed;
  2. In order to set your sleep clock, you have to compromise and wake up at the same hour every day. For example – if you wake up at 7am during the week, and chose to wake up at midday during the week-end, your sleeping pattern is going to suffer the equivalent of a five-hour jet lag;
  3. It has been proven that exercising helps a lot, but avoid doing it 2 hours before bed;
  4. Your bed is for sleep only. It’s important to transform your sleeping place into a sanctuary, a place where you feel relaxed and safe;
  5. When you can’t sleep, don’t waste your time in bed tossing and turning. Get up, go and read a book, or watch tv for 15 minutes and try to sleep again later;
  6. Write down whatever is on your mind when you go to bed, so you won’t worry or anticipate. This can be your general mood or thoughts, or errands for tomorrow;
  7. Avoid, as much possible, the blue light coming from your LED electronics (laptop/phone/tablet) – a few hours before going to bed, reduce the brightness, or download apps that get rid of the blue light;
  8. Try to block street lights/noises out as much as possible. Distance yourself from artificial light, and try to get as much natural light as you can during the day;
  9. Pets can easily disturb your sleep, so no matter how cute and fluffy they are, it’s better not to let them sleep next to you;
  10. Find the relaxing sleep routine that’s best for you: read a relaxing book, meditate, listen to chill music, watch something easy.

(It is worth noting at this point that these tips may not apply to everyone, but they are a good reference to try and tailor to your own individual sleeping cycles)

I’m now going to tell you what losing sleep did to my mind/body:

  • It made my skin look sickly and irritated;
  • My vision was constantly blurred, and I now have to change my glasses because they don’t help anymore – I also developed photosensitivity;
  • It made my hair fall off;
  • It affected my self esteem and made me lose confidence in my looks;
  • It made me hate the sun and avoid getting out of the house during the day time, unless completely necessary;
  • I lost my ability to focus on conversation, and I had the attention span of a goldfish;
  • I lost the drive to do anything that made me happy – hobbies, meeting up with friends, walks on the beach, etc;
  • It gave me irrational fears, panic attacks and anxiety;
  • Through all this, it made me feel very helpless and useless.

These are only a few of the things that my mind and body have gone, and still to this day go through, but I’m doing way better nowadays. I learnt that I’m not alone in this, and I’m slowly gaining control over my life – trying to befriend Morpheus and let him take me to dreamland every night.

Part of the workshop was a fun and engaging activity, where you answered questions about your own sleep cycles and habits, which then gave you a score out of 20. If you scored high, you were a lark, which tells you that your sleep patterns are and relaxed. If you scored low, you were an owl and in the middle, there was the hummingbird which can have tendencies from both. It seems that I am an owl and Rowan is a hummingbird. (no surprises there)

I think that going to this event is the start of something, and it really gives me hope that I can live a normal life. For now, I have to change my thyroid treatment because I developed an allergy to it, so fingers crossed!

For future events and general info, you can have a look on the National Centre for Mental Health website here 

Photo copyright Laura Iancu

Cardiff Film & Comic Con

Hey guys,

Last weekend I attended the Film & Comic Con event that took place in Cardiff at the Motorpoint Arena. It’s something I anticipated for a long time and I’m very excited to share my experience with you – along with a photo album of cosplayers.

A few weeks ago, I talked about how easy cosplay can be with a little bit of imagination, and this event was living proof of how a few ideas can transform something simple into a unique and inventive costume.

For me this event was all about Dave Prowse (the original Darth Vader). Since I haven’t been to a Con since The Force Awakens, I chose the Star Wars theme for my costume. At first, I wanted to create Leia’s white dress, but I realised that I wasn’t ready to look at myself in the mirror looking like someone who’s death I’m not over yet. Whenever I saw a classic Princess Leia, I turned around and walked on an opposite direction. (I promise you, I’m not insane).

I was on a budget, so I couldn’t go as far as creating a more complex look like Boba Fett or even Queen Amidala, so I picked Rey. (btw, I know the general opinion about Episode VII, but I think people are missing the fact that it has to be looked as a tribute to George Lucas. I will write an article about this soon). I adore Rey, she’s a very powerful character and I have high hopes when it comes to her development through the next films.

I started building my costume a few days before the event, and luckily I made friends with a woman who owns a costume shop not far from where I live. This is because she ordered the official Star Wars Rey costume for me and we got to talking afterwards. (You can find the costume online for 45, I payed 30). I knew from the start that it was going to be far from what I wanted. I mean, it’s pretty obvious considering the price, but it was a starting point for building on. I didn’t have time to do anything about the size, but I managed to modify it in a way that it didn’t look too baggy on me.


The accessories provided with the costume looked pathetic, so if you think of ordering the costume, I suggest burning them and be inventive. If you’re not a professional cosplayer, you don’t want to spend a lot of money, so you have a look in charity shops. They’re wonderful for accessories and very cheap (I spent less than a fiver for 2 belts, a small bag and 2 white scarfs – which I used to complete my look). Also, I replaced the sleeves from the costume with actual bandages ( 1 pound from every pharmacy ).

If you want to do a Rey cosplay, it’s important to keep it real. For example, I used some grey and dark brown make-up on your costume, to make it look more realistic. (she’s from Jakku, working as a slave, which means she’s going to look a bit dirty). As for actual make-up, you will want to look tanned since you live in a desert, so go with some bronzer. The rest has to be all natural, maybe just a bit of mascara and you’re ready.

However, you can always follow the example of these guys below and think outside the box with your costume.

17157758_409884106037509_2042598397330148658_o(photo taken by DCphoto)

Rey’s hairstyle is very simple (it took me less than 5 minutes to recreate) – section your hair in 3 and just tie them in buns. I didn’t want to make them very tight, so they loosened up a bit over a few hours, but I still rocked it.

…and because I knew I was going to be there for hours, I didn’t bother getting a weapon. Kinda regret it now.

I could speak about the event for pages, but I will just tell you why you should go to a Comic Con whenever you have the chance to:

  • THE PEOPLE – cosplayers or film&comic fans, you have the guarantee that you will meet the best crowd;
  • you have the chance to see and speak to the writers/actors/directors of your favourite series/books/films – I cried my ass off after hugging David Prowse;
  • you get to see/buy merchandise and collectibles at very reasonable prices;
  • you have access to the newest information, and you get to share opinions with people you have a lot of common interest with;
  • you get to meet and support local artists (illustrators, photographers, designers, etc);
  • you will experience waves and waves of happiness;
  • and last but not least, you are a rockstar for a day.

“It was my first ever Comic Con and I thoroughly enjoyed. I have always loved films, series, animes, comics and cartoons, but have always felt it a bit of a taboo getting in costume and walking out in public like that. Within minutes I was asked for a photo with Wolverine – and it didn’t stop there. You will see Kylo with a few unexpected friends in the photos, who he would never have met unless he went to a Comic Con.” – Rowan Edwards

I put together an album with cosplayers, for more photographs, click here!

Organic Skin Remedies

Hey there beauties,

As you can see, I have started to change a lot of my everyday routine in terms of cosmetics and not only. 

Recently, I’ve realised that a lot of the products I’ve been using for years are now my worse enemies. At first, I asked myself: “what changed?”, but then I realised that I’m not 20 anymore, and I can no longer afford to be reckless with my beauty routine. If you’re anything like me, by now, you will think you have all figured it out, until your skin decides to hate you. It’s a long way to recover from it once the ball starts rolling, but stay with me, I’ll tell you how it changed so far for me. 

(Btw, the featured photograph was taken by the talented Adrian Anea and edited by your truly)

Today I’m going to talk about my experience with everything skin wise, and will be writing this hoping it will help you prevent and heal. Here we go: 

  • A VISIT TO THE DERMATOLOGIST – what I’ve learnt from all of my visits to the doctors,  was that the best product is the one they are promoting themselves (which is an awful thing to do, as a doctor). In order to receive proper treatment, you need a proper consultation, and most doctors don’t show the interest. You need to have a chat about your habits/diet/blood tests/hormone levels/allergies and so on, but that rarely all happens in a dermatologist’s office. For a long time now, because I wasn’t aware of this, I only used these doctor-recommended chemical products, that definitely helped the problem fast – but not in the long run. In time, all of these harsh products damaged my skin, and I witnessed the same thing happening to a lot of my friends. It was pretty obvious, but I ignored it until it became a matter of: “I am not going outside looking like this”. It’s a shame that over the years I’ve spent hundreds of pounds in consultations and products to end up with skin that just doesn’t listen to me.
  • YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT – your skin is always going to reflect your diet, so don’t be surprised if you have acne when you’re drinking Coca-Cola and eat chocolate every day. Processed food is the worst, and it’s very hard to avoid nowadays, but it’s vital to try to avoid it as much possible. You can keep a Food Diary, observe and examine what is good for your skin. There are some general rules, like caffeine is bad for your skin, and that applies for both me and you. However what works well for me may not work exactly as well for you. For example, using a food diary, I noticed that DAIRY works against my skin. I replaced my regular semi skimmed milk with soy/almond/coconut milk and I can’t even imagine going back to cow milk. Everything in your body is connected, and usually, everything that’s bad for your bowels, will affect your skin. (I will come back with an article about this very soon)
  • HYDRATE – I know you’ve heard this over and over again, so I don’t even have to write anything more about this. It’s pretty obvious: water-collagen-elasticity. Really, at least 7 cups a day! Your body will love you for that. The only thing I want to add to this is the direct skin hydration, that you can achieve by using thermal water. I use it after every shower now – just a quick spray on my body and face (washes off the chlorine and prevents that after shower rash/itch). It has that cooling effect on a hot summer day and it helps prevent my skin for cracking in the winter time. Nowadays, I never go anywhere without my Avène Thermal Spring Water.  
  • GO NATURAL –  It does take time, but it’s worth it! Since I replaced my regular moisturiser with pure Vitamin E, coconut oil and manuka honey, my skin has made a comeback. I could tell the difference from day 1, and I’m never going back to that toxic cocktail I used before. 
  • CONTINUITY- once you discovered what is good for you and you start using it in your daily beauty routine, you need to keep doing it. Don’t be lazy with it, because perseverance will do the trick. I never had a serious problem with face acne, but somehow it has ended up in different parts of my body, like my back and my hands. I never really managed to get rid of it, trying everything, from switching to hypoallergenic soap (Eucerin) and hypoallergenic laundry detergent, stopping smoking, replacing my everyday coffee with decaf, avoiding caffeine and sugar altogether as much as I could, etc. I am still confronting with this, but I feel optimistic now that I have switched to organic. My boyfriend has very similar skin problems and has also joined me in this quest, and I can tell you for sure, that this time, we can both see the improvements. 

As promissed, here is the list of products I use for my face and body: 

  • Aloe Pura – I picked the one with tea tree, because I needed a natural antiseptic for those red spots from my skin. I apply a decent amount on my back and arms after every shower,  and I can really tell the difference after just one week. However, there were products that pass the week test and failed on the long run, so I’m going to have to come back to you with more details after a month.
  • In terms of scrub, I haven’t found the right product just yet, but I replaced my expensive “organic” solution with a gentle paste, which I make from: one cup of organic coffee, one cup of sugar, and sometimes I add an essential oil for a different smell. (cinnamon, vanilla, etc). If I have a rash, or I spot some pimples, I crush a few tablets of aspirin into the paste and stir it very well. I only ever use this once a week, and I’m very gentle with the application. Quick note: I find it very funny how coffee and sugar are bad for the inside, but it works so well on the outside.
  • TIANA Fair Trade Organics Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil the only coconut oil on the market which is 100% guaranteed 1st pressed from selected ripe fresh organic coconuts. This really changed my life, I use it on my body after every shower, after shaving or if I just want a nice shiny effect on my legs, when I wear a short skirt. It is the best remedy for my dry skin and I often apply a small quantity on my face and neck when going to bed. Because is a natural oil, some of you may not be very thrilled because who want’s oily skin, right ? Still, the right amount will do wonders!
  • Bria Organics Relief Repair – this is my main face cream that I use everyday, but I alternate between this and TIANA Coconut Oil.  Good for everything really, and perfect for severe skin problems. 
  • Last, but not least, I use Dr Organic Vitamin E Pure Oil – this is probably the best thing I discovered this year for my skin. After losing some weight, I noticed the beginning of some stretch marks above my breasts, and I literally ran straight to the pharmacy. I obviously bought a well-known branded cream, that guess what?! Didn’t work! I made peace with the fact that I’m turning into a tigress, but then I decided to give this serum a try, and I’m not disappointed. I strongly recommend this, it’s a must have for every man and woman.

I hope you find this article useful, and it will help you like it helped me. Please, don’t hesitate to write to me for more information, suggestions and recommendations. 

All the products mentioned in this article are organic, raw vegan and cruelty free.



The TOXIC Trio

Hey there ladies,

I am putting this together as a sign of concern regarding the nail polish market. I am that girl who always had long, strong, natural nails and because I rarely had a broken one, I never really bothered to do any research. The only thought I ever had regarding this was about those stubborn nail polish stains, that won’t go away when you use nail polish remover. Still, I didn’t give a darn about the chemicals present in our usual nail polish and a recent event made me think about it.

I was typing an email, when I noticed half of my nail just falling of. It didn’t rip, it just cracked and at a closer inspection, I saw how the first layer of my nail plate was peeled off along with the polish. Luckily, it wasn’t the case to go to the doctors, but it really was an eye-opening experience for me.

I have been painting my nails for 15 years, and I have probably used anything you can find on the popular market, always checking the expiration date when I purchase a new one and never buying from unauthorised retailers. I have always thought that spending a bit more money on a product will guarantee you quality, BUT in this case, it’s very hard to actually find something that won’t damage your fingernails and possibly, your own health.

HARD, BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE. Hang on with me.

On a closer look, you can easily check for these three TOXIC ingredients:

  • Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) – classified by the EU as a suspected endocrine disruptor and as toxic to reproduction, also VERY TOXIC to aquatic life.
  • Formaldehyde – The International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies formaldehyde as a known human carcinogen. (that strong smell that nail polish has comes from this)
  •  Toluene –  this chemical can cause dermatitis with prolonged contact, also inhalation of toluene vapour can affect the central nervous system causing slight drowsiness and headache at low levels and Irritation of the nose, throat and respiratory tract at increased levels.

I decided to throw away everything  I had, and start some serious research. Right now, I haven’t used nail polish in almost 2 weeks, and I can already tell the difference, really. They do now look considerably healthier, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do..

I love colouring my nails and I’m not going to give up this pleasure. So far, I’ve found only 6 brands that don’t do the toxic trio:

I’m very excited to try what I found, and I will let you know more about them soon – I just placed the orders and some come from the US which is going to take a while. Before purchasing something: beware of false advertising, read the reviews, do your research, pay special attention to the labels and the ingredients.

What about ACETONE – the main ingredient from the nail polish removers? It’s not a secret that it’s damaging, but it seems a harder thing to replace. I have found a few alternatives to it, but I’m not yet very convinced. I would like to know if you ever tried these options, and what your thoughts were.

  • a solution made from white vinegar and lemon juice
  • paint your nails with a new coat of nail polish an remove it immediately
  • rubbing alcohol
  • scrubbing your nails with toothpaste

I am thinking about the people working in nail salons, and the danger they expose themselves to daily. All those vapours they inhale daily can’t do any good. I really hope that in future, these kind of salons will only work with natural ingredients, and stop playing with their employers health. I may be dreaming a little bit too much, but I also know I won’t ever step in a nail salon again for this reason.

P.S: Do any of you know what’s the deal with THE BODY SHOP nail polish – I purchased some a few month ago, really nice colours, no toxic smell, but they don’t last. Apparently, they’re “organic”, but I can’t seem to find the actual ingredients on the bottles, nor online. Is it false advertising or not?

At the end of the day, you simply have to ask yourself, is it really worth it?

Check Care2 for more recommended nail polish.

Natural hair dye?!

Is there such thing as natural hair dye? This question has popped into my mind for a while now. I’m sure you think of it too, and like me, you did your research and found out that there’s no such thing as natural hair dye…yet. Unless you want to use henna, which is very pretentious, requires a lot of work and will never help you go blonde, your only option is to choose the lesser evil from the oversaturated hair dye market. I have a lot of white hair, and even if I don’t like it, I need to colour my hair. Call it social pressure or whatever you like, but I don’t like my greys.

Over the years, I have bleached and coloured my hair countless times until my hair started to hate me. I think I used every brand you can find in Boots. Four years ago, I stopped with the bleaching and I could see a comeback, but last year, it started to fall off and break.  I tried keratin, coconut oil masks, protein and non-sulphate shampoos etc, but it was so damaged, that all I could really do about it was to cut it. I went from long golden locks to a shoulder length, and then tried to colour it only once in 2-3 months.

The only brand I used to colour my hair with during this time was L’Oreal, and no matter how beautiful the colours were, they never covered my grey hairs and I could feel how it ruined my hair gradually. I was literally taking chunks of my hair out after every wash, and so I naturally became worried. In all fairness, my thyroid disease makes it worse, but I am trying to supplement with Selenium and Zinc.

One thing I never bothered to do while using all these hair dyes, was the allergy test. I was very reckless and after reading an article about a woman who was rushed to the hospital with a swollen face and a rash that didn’t go for weeks, I decided to start doing it.

A few weeks ago, I started researching about all the chemicals you can usually find in hair dye and I’m scarred.

  • PARA-PHENYLENEDIANIME (this is the cause of most of the allergies)

I have managed to find hair dyes without Ammonia, Parabens, or Resorcinol, but in terms of PPD, there’s no such thing. All of the brands that claim to have a PPD free product use false advertising, and if you’re allergic to PPD, you have no option really. (quick note: you can develop allergy to PPD despite previously dyeing your hair)

However, I bumped into this product I’m eager to try – NATURIGIN. The PPD level is the minimum you can find on the market, and I have read a lot of good reviews, whereas with other products such as NATURTINT or NATURVITAL, I found more bad reviews than good. I actually purchased NATURTINT from Holland & Barrett, but I never tried it due to the bad reviews.

NATURIGIN is a Danish company that delivers in all of Europe. They say on the site that you can buy it from Lloyds Pharmacy, but after looking for it in all of them, I discovered that they don’t do it in Cardiff. Maybe in London, I don’t know. I decided to go on the official site, create an account and order. I also ordered an allergy kit, which is basically a plaster you stick on your arm which you remove after 48h. I did the mistake of ordering the test after already ordering the hair dye, but I will find out these days if I can use it or not. For me, a real selling point with NATURIGIN is the organic ingredients and the cruelty-free policy they have in place.

The product I ordered came from Dublin, which means they’re going to charge you for international delivery. After 10 days, and no reply to my email asking when it is going to be delivered, I received the allergy test kit and the hair dye at the same time. Inside the test kit was a voucher with 20% off my first order. Oh well, I guess I lost that. Despite this, I’m going to do the allergy test first, and if it’s all ok, I’m going to be trying this hair dye, and I will come back to you with the result.

For details and orders, you can have a look here.

(Photograph taken by Adrian Anea – Edit by your one and only)

Summers in the UK

Hello miladies and gentlemen!

I put this together as an aid for people travelling or moving to the UK. I have been living here for more than 3 years now and I wish I would’ve bumped into a similar post when I first came here.

For those who hear a lot about the rainy weather of the UK, I have news for you: it’s exactly how you imagine! It seems that Wales is one of the rainiest places in Great Britain and when I moved to Cardiff, and first encountered the weather, I didn’t know what to do!  To quote the nan from Game of Thrones: “Oh my sweet summer child, what do you know of fear?”

For traveleres and toursits, if you’re used to sunbathing a lot, the weather can be quite harsh. I have been travelling the United Kingdom quite a bit and I can say that the temperatures really don’t change that much. So, if you’re planning a holiday here, I have learnt that it’s handy to pack:

  • THE one and only Raincoat
  • Waterproof everything, shoes, hats, make-up
  • Not one, but two umbrellas – the wind is not friendly here and you often see broken umbrellas on the streets; happened to me more than once
  • SPF Moisturiser – the humidity can and will crack your skin
  • Dry shampoo and antifrizz – your hair is going to behave very weird without it
  • Gastric aid – you’ll be tempted to try every chippy you find and eat like crazy

For those who are born and bred in the UK, fairplay to you! I was watching people on the street wearing almost nothing and there I was, freezing my ass off wrapped in 3 layers. Nowadays, my body managed somehow to get used to the moody weather, but I still suffer sometimes for the sake of “looking pretty”.

As for me nowadays, I discovered that the constant temperatures of the UK helps me a lot. I have an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and all my symptoms cooled down considerabily since I moved here. Whenever the seasons changed in Romania, I suffered terribly; i felt like every cell in my body was against me and it was hard to leave the bed for days until the temeperatures eventually evened out a bit.

Last summer, I put this outfit together for a chilly summer day in the park.

Let me know what you think!

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Styling and edit: Laura Iancu

Photography: Tomas Amaro