“All Adventurous Women Do”

So, what was the last episode really about? I keep telling myself that it has a level of depth that I can’t reach as a 27 year old woman, and that I will get it in time, but I’m not sure there is more to it than the obvious. [Spoilers ahead]

Long story short, the episode takes you back to the pilot, with a scene where Marnie is spooning Hannah. She promises to help Hannah in raising this child, and moves in with her. Everything that happens after is a love story – the immortal love story between Hannah and Marnie, intimacy and the motherly love that changes everything.

sourceOne of the 1st things we learn about Hannah in “Girls”, is that she’s not comfortable in her own skin, and the postpartum made her feel even worse. (btw, I think she did a good job in showing what the birth of a child does to your mind and body – the scene with her wearing the breast pump is absolutely hilarious)

For someone like Hannah Horvath, self-centred and forever spoiled by her parents and friends, this is the perfect time to burst with post pregnancy hormones and act like a spoiled brat. As always, she constantly blames others for her failure, treats Marnie like shit and has a major outburst at her mother. However, Loreen is incredibly calm and patient, and constantly demonstrates that a parent’s job is never over, and Marnie is more supportive than ever. No matter how much they’re doing to show Hannah that she’s not alone in this, her awakening comes from an incident she has on the streets with a runaway child. I believe that’s the moment when she realises, that by having this baby, she made her first real decision for life.

She may not be a good mom, but she’s going to constantly try to be the best she can possibly be for her kid. In the last minute of the finale, she manages to comfort her offspring and breastfeeds with a look on her face that suggest that she’s finally starting to figure it out, and more important, she’s starting to accept her life. There are a million ways to make it.


I got the idea of the finale – but It didn’t do anything for me really. What started with topics like abortion, body image, mental issues and homosexuality, ended with breast feeding, and Hannah being walked home by the police in her underwear to her new-born child. Classic.

Overall, it was a good episode, but a very weak finale.

I was expecting to see all the “Girls” in the finale. Maybe not walking in the sunset together, but at least a continuity, something, anything. After all the drama, life changing decisions, and the “I’m gonna make it this time” speeches, at least they could’ve given me, as a viewer, a feeling. Whatever the feeling, contempt, anger, controversy, I would’ve been happy no matter what. Instead, their absence suggested that these relationships are over.

giphy (2)

They give Ray a happy ending. Shoshanna is engaged, Marnie is a mess like always, latching on to Hannah for some purpose in life, and it seems like the only ones who have actually made it in New York are Adam and Elijah. I really think that Jessa deserved a happy ending too, and I admit that the moment when her and Hannah had that natural talk in the previous episode made me tear up.


As a writer, Lena is still one of my favourite gals, but it seemed that she tried too hard to reach the topics that were in “trend”, and the last season proves that. If the trends for the women of “Sex and the City” were Manolo Blahnik shoes and parties to go to in New York, then for “Girls”, these trends were addressing issues like sexually transmitted diseases, accidental dick pics, or even deeper ones, like the fear of abandonment and addiction. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated the effort they’ve put into addressing all these “millennial” topics, because it’s my generation after all, but I think a lot of the time, the writing was inconsistent.

Episode 6  -“What will we do about Adam this time” sent me straight to “Lala land”, and I adored it. Jemima’s bathroom scene was one of the best interpretations I’ve seen in “Girls”, and I just loved the “what could have been vibe”, but I can see how irrelevant it was for the characters. That was an episode made for the viewers, the millions of people who watched Hannah’s and Adam’s love story and just wanted closure. They gave us that, and in a way, by doing so, it makes me feel like the show should’ve been called “Love story” instead of “Girls”, because they didn’t bother to do that for Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna.

source (1)

I see the finale for what it is, however, I remain indifferent. This is not because it isn’t the ending I wanted, but because it isn’t the ending they deserved. I mean, you spend so many years creating these complex characters, just to be vague about their continuity. I get that this is supposed to be the real life and I can appreciate an open ending, but you just don’t do that to your viewers. I don’t want to imagine what’s going to happen with the girls, if I would’ve wanted that, I would’ve written it myself.  It’s almost like JK Rowling would’ve ended the last Harry Potter book with “The boy who lived may have defeated Voldemort, but I just can’t decide”.

This is an episode that makes me think of a matriarchal society, and puts into perspective the old and the new, the bad and the ugly and how at the end of the day, a girl is constantly learning.

So, instead of feeling any type of disappointment, I choose to see this episode for what it is, an ode for those who decided to keep the baby.


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