Almost Famous Fantasy

Remember that affordable fantasy I was talking about in my previous article? While in West Wales, Rowan and I tried to recreate looks from Cameron Crowe’s “Almost Famous” (2000).

In this movie, the 70’s fashion is portrayed wonderfully with suede jackets, distressed jeans, fur, band t-shirts and Bianca Jagger’s unmistakable style present in the “Bandaids” (the girls who accompanied the band Stillwater in the Almost Famous ’73 Tour). These girls are wild, they don’t want to be called “groupies”, and are there for the music. All of them have their own style, but the one that I most resonate with is, of course, Penny Lane.

This is the look that inspired the photoshoot ->


I am wearing a faux fur brown long coat bought for £15 at the #vintageweighandpay

IMG_4680 copypenguin-001IMG_4801 copy

EXTRA – Male rockstar look for “Almost Famous”, courtesy of Mr. Rowan Edwards, my assistant and partner in crime.

Rowan is wearing a vintage Ralph Lauren Polo shirt £15 (#vintagekilosale) and a vintage faux-fur coat £15 (#vintageweighandpay)

IMG_4726IMG_4777WW4IMG_4766 copy

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