Naturigin Review

Hello ladies,

I talked in a previous post about a hair dye I wanted to try, and now I’m back with results. I was very excited to try NATURIGIN, did the allergy test, and waited for my roots to grow for almost 4months before colouring.

My natural hair colour is a medium brown and I didn’t dye it since October. I wanted to go for a dark brown, but because I knew it wouldn’t last on my greys, I picked the 8.1 Ash Blonde shade instead.  The only thing I wanted was a fresh new colour and grey coverage.

Fair play, it doesn’t feel heavy on my hair, the smell isn’t strong, and the colouring process is simple. However, there was itching, and instead of the cold tones, I got a copper tint and absolutely no grey coverage! I respected all the instructions provided, and yet I’m disappointed. It may be different with their darker tones, but I’m not going to risk ordering a different colour, knowing that it’s not going to cover my greys.

They promote their product as the best on the market, the package is full of awards you can’t really verify like “Natural Awards US no 1” and everywhere you look on the box, you’ll find “organic” written at least 5 times. I would not be bothered by this, if I had a way to verify all this information. I suppose, you take a risk every time you decide to try a product, and in this case, I can’t tell you if it’s false advertising or not. But what I can say, it’s to expect a different result.

However, if you still want to order this product, make sure you have your own conditioner. They don’t include one, like most hair dyes do, but simply a shampoo.

I’m going to let the photographs tell the rest of the story:


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