Organic Skin Remedies

Hey there beauties,

As you can see, I have started to change a lot of my everyday routine in terms of cosmetics and not only. 

Recently, I’ve realised that a lot of the products I’ve been using for years are now my worse enemies. At first, I asked myself: “what changed?”, but then I realised that I’m not 20 anymore, and I can no longer afford to be reckless with my beauty routine. If you’re anything like me, by now, you will think you have all figured it out, until your skin decides to hate you. It’s a long way to recover from it once the ball starts rolling, but stay with me, I’ll tell you how it changed so far for me. 

(Btw, the featured photograph was taken by the talented Adrian Anea and edited by your truly)

Today I’m going to talk about my experience with everything skin wise, and will be writing this hoping it will help you prevent and heal. Here we go: 

  • A VISIT TO THE DERMATOLOGIST – what I’ve learnt from all of my visits to the doctors,  was that the best product is the one they are promoting themselves (which is an awful thing to do, as a doctor). In order to receive proper treatment, you need a proper consultation, and most doctors don’t show the interest. You need to have a chat about your habits/diet/blood tests/hormone levels/allergies and so on, but that rarely all happens in a dermatologist’s office. For a long time now, because I wasn’t aware of this, I only used these doctor-recommended chemical products, that definitely helped the problem fast – but not in the long run. In time, all of these harsh products damaged my skin, and I witnessed the same thing happening to a lot of my friends. It was pretty obvious, but I ignored it until it became a matter of: “I am not going outside looking like this”. It’s a shame that over the years I’ve spent hundreds of pounds in consultations and products to end up with skin that just doesn’t listen to me.
  • YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT – your skin is always going to reflect your diet, so don’t be surprised if you have acne when you’re drinking Coca-Cola and eat chocolate every day. Processed food is the worst, and it’s very hard to avoid nowadays, but it’s vital to try to avoid it as much possible. You can keep a Food Diary, observe and examine what is good for your skin. There are some general rules, like caffeine is bad for your skin, and that applies for both me and you. However what works well for me may not work exactly as well for you. For example, using a food diary, I noticed that DAIRY works against my skin. I replaced my regular semi skimmed milk with soy/almond/coconut milk and I can’t even imagine going back to cow milk. Everything in your body is connected, and usually, everything that’s bad for your bowels, will affect your skin. (I will come back with an article about this very soon)
  • HYDRATE – I know you’ve heard this over and over again, so I don’t even have to write anything more about this. It’s pretty obvious: water-collagen-elasticity. Really, at least 7 cups a day! Your body will love you for that. The only thing I want to add to this is the direct skin hydration, that you can achieve by using thermal water. I use it after every shower now – just a quick spray on my body and face (washes off the chlorine and prevents that after shower rash/itch). It has that cooling effect on a hot summer day and it helps prevent my skin for cracking in the winter time. Nowadays, I never go anywhere without my Avène Thermal Spring Water.  
  • GO NATURAL –  It does take time, but it’s worth it! Since I replaced my regular moisturiser with pure Vitamin E, coconut oil and manuka honey, my skin has made a comeback. I could tell the difference from day 1, and I’m never going back to that toxic cocktail I used before. 
  • CONTINUITY- once you discovered what is good for you and you start using it in your daily beauty routine, you need to keep doing it. Don’t be lazy with it, because perseverance will do the trick. I never had a serious problem with face acne, but somehow it has ended up in different parts of my body, like my back and my hands. I never really managed to get rid of it, trying everything, from switching to hypoallergenic soap (Eucerin) and hypoallergenic laundry detergent, stopping smoking, replacing my everyday coffee with decaf, avoiding caffeine and sugar altogether as much as I could, etc. I am still confronting with this, but I feel optimistic now that I have switched to organic. My boyfriend has very similar skin problems and has also joined me in this quest, and I can tell you for sure, that this time, we can both see the improvements. 

As promissed, here is the list of products I use for my face and body: 

  • Aloe Pura – I picked the one with tea tree, because I needed a natural antiseptic for those red spots from my skin. I apply a decent amount on my back and arms after every shower,  and I can really tell the difference after just one week. However, there were products that pass the week test and failed on the long run, so I’m going to have to come back to you with more details after a month.
  • In terms of scrub, I haven’t found the right product just yet, but I replaced my expensive “organic” solution with a gentle paste, which I make from: one cup of organic coffee, one cup of sugar, and sometimes I add an essential oil for a different smell. (cinnamon, vanilla, etc). If I have a rash, or I spot some pimples, I crush a few tablets of aspirin into the paste and stir it very well. I only ever use this once a week, and I’m very gentle with the application. Quick note: I find it very funny how coffee and sugar are bad for the inside, but it works so well on the outside.
  • TIANA Fair Trade Organics Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil the only coconut oil on the market which is 100% guaranteed 1st pressed from selected ripe fresh organic coconuts. This really changed my life, I use it on my body after every shower, after shaving or if I just want a nice shiny effect on my legs, when I wear a short skirt. It is the best remedy for my dry skin and I often apply a small quantity on my face and neck when going to bed. Because is a natural oil, some of you may not be very thrilled because who want’s oily skin, right ? Still, the right amount will do wonders!
  • Bria Organics Relief Repair – this is my main face cream that I use everyday, but I alternate between this and TIANA Coconut Oil.  Good for everything really, and perfect for severe skin problems. 
  • Last, but not least, I use Dr Organic Vitamin E Pure Oil – this is probably the best thing I discovered this year for my skin. After losing some weight, I noticed the beginning of some stretch marks above my breasts, and I literally ran straight to the pharmacy. I obviously bought a well-known branded cream, that guess what?! Didn’t work! I made peace with the fact that I’m turning into a tigress, but then I decided to give this serum a try, and I’m not disappointed. I strongly recommend this, it’s a must have for every man and woman.

I hope you find this article useful, and it will help you like it helped me. Please, don’t hesitate to write to me for more information, suggestions and recommendations. 

All the products mentioned in this article are organic, raw vegan and cruelty free.




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