Natural hair dye?!

Is there such thing as natural hair dye? This question has popped into my mind for a while now. I’m sure you think of it too, and like me, you did your research and found out that there’s no such thing as natural hair dye…yet. Unless you want to use henna, which is very pretentious, requires a lot of work and will never help you go blonde, your only option is to choose the lesser evil from the oversaturated hair dye market. I have a lot of white hair, and even if I don’t like it, I need to colour my hair. Call it social pressure or whatever you like, but I don’t like my greys.

Over the years, I have bleached and coloured my hair countless times until my hair started to hate me. I think I used every brand you can find in Boots. Four years ago, I stopped with the bleaching and I could see a comeback, but last year, it started to fall off and break.  I tried keratin, coconut oil masks, protein and non-sulphate shampoos etc, but it was so damaged, that all I could really do about it was to cut it. I went from long golden locks to a shoulder length, and then tried to colour it only once in 2-3 months.

The only brand I used to colour my hair with during this time was L’Oreal, and no matter how beautiful the colours were, they never covered my grey hairs and I could feel how it ruined my hair gradually. I was literally taking chunks of my hair out after every wash, and so I naturally became worried. In all fairness, my thyroid disease makes it worse, but I am trying to supplement with Selenium and Zinc.

One thing I never bothered to do while using all these hair dyes, was the allergy test. I was very reckless and after reading an article about a woman who was rushed to the hospital with a swollen face and a rash that didn’t go for weeks, I decided to start doing it.

A few weeks ago, I started researching about all the chemicals you can usually find in hair dye and I’m scarred.

  • PARA-PHENYLENEDIANIME (this is the cause of most of the allergies)

I have managed to find hair dyes without Ammonia, Parabens, or Resorcinol, but in terms of PPD, there’s no such thing. All of the brands that claim to have a PPD free product use false advertising, and if you’re allergic to PPD, you have no option really. (quick note: you can develop allergy to PPD despite previously dyeing your hair)

However, I bumped into this product I’m eager to try – NATURIGIN. The PPD level is the minimum you can find on the market, and I have read a lot of good reviews, whereas with other products such as NATURTINT or NATURVITAL, I found more bad reviews than good. I actually purchased NATURTINT from Holland & Barrett, but I never tried it due to the bad reviews.

NATURIGIN is a Danish company that delivers in all of Europe. They say on the site that you can buy it from Lloyds Pharmacy, but after looking for it in all of them, I discovered that they don’t do it in Cardiff. Maybe in London, I don’t know. I decided to go on the official site, create an account and order. I also ordered an allergy kit, which is basically a plaster you stick on your arm which you remove after 48h. I did the mistake of ordering the test after already ordering the hair dye, but I will find out these days if I can use it or not. For me, a real selling point with NATURIGIN is the organic ingredients and the cruelty-free policy they have in place.

The product I ordered came from Dublin, which means they’re going to charge you for international delivery. After 10 days, and no reply to my email asking when it is going to be delivered, I received the allergy test kit and the hair dye at the same time. Inside the test kit was a voucher with 20% off my first order. Oh well, I guess I lost that. Despite this, I’m going to do the allergy test first, and if it’s all ok, I’m going to be trying this hair dye, and I will come back to you with the result.

For details and orders, you can have a look here.

(Photograph taken by Adrian Anea – Edit by your one and only)


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