Building Characters

Hello miladies!

Over the years, I have been a regular client at geeky European festivals such as ComiCon and AnimeCon, and also at music festivals such as B’estival, Troyfest and Boomtown. Everytime I’ve been to one, I’ve prepared myself like I was going on a Holiday. Questions like: “What should I wear?”, “Is it going to rain?”, “Who am I going to meet there?” were always on my mind, and I wanted to be sure I was prepared for everything.

Today, I’m going to talk about those geeky festivals previously mentioned, and how I always prepare for them. In less than a month, I will participate at the Film & Comic Con event, and I haven’t yet decide on a costume. I am not a cosplayer, but I definitely get my inspiration from people like Miss Sinister, Helen Stifler Cosplay etc. Whenever I can’t decide on a popular character, I try to build my own, and that’s exactly what I’m going to show you how to do.

First of all, let go, and use your imagination. Do you have a favourite character? Do you like a particular outfit, let’s say Alice from Resident Evil? Are you into anime? Are you into SF? Steampunk? Burlesque? Medieval? Combine the elements you like into your own character, and amalgamate them into something unique to yourself.

I always make sure I have a make-up palette, full of neon and shimmery colours and accessories. You can build – for example – a very nice cute alien make-up, using this in combination with some face paint. Then, I’m checking my wardrobe for those clothes I won’t wear everyday (Lace, Faux Fur, Fishnet, Glitter are just a few examples). If you’re not happy with that you find, go for a walk at some charity shops, they’re cheap and effective. You will always find some gold, and we’re talking about stuff you can tear apart, modify, and don’t feel sorry if you’re ruining the material.

Last but not least – I am thinking about my hair. Sometimes, I spend time styling braids (nowadays inspired by Lagertha from Vikings), but other times I choose to go simple.  I just love wigs and hair accessories (the more the better), but since I’m not a professional cosplayer, I won’t invest in expensive wigs. The one I used for this photoshoot was purchased from one of those pound shops, proof that you can find a lot of affordable things if you get a little creative. As for hair accessories, I usually go for the weirdest one I can find, but it depends a lot on the style you’re going for. Just make sure you don’t look like a parrot (unless you want to) and you’re comfortable whatever you choose to do!

Quick note, the Film & Comic Con is at the Motorpoint Arena Cardiff on the Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th March 2017. See you there!

For better resolution, click on the photo!

Style and edit by: Laura Iancu

Photography by : Tomas Amaro


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